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スモ「変身とかありえねーし! ぜってーこんな風になるし!」
オセ「あのヒレ? どこから生えてるのかしら……」
Smolder "No way I’m transforming! I just know I’ll end up like this!"
Silverstream "Aw… But you’d look so cute."
Ocellus "That fin? I wonder where it grows from…"
safe (1427554)artist:uotapo (815)ocellus (3506)silverstream (4164)smolder (5028)changedling (5829)changeling (32336)dragon (37578)fish (1896)seapony (g4) (3220)non-compete clause (631)disguise (3117)disguised changeling (1783)dragoness (5442)female (758728)puffer fish (217)seaponified (1748)seapony ocellus (38)species swap (15753)thought bubble (2475)trio (5971)underwater (3870)


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Young Leosword
Anytime dragons and magic go together, there appear to be verrrrry unpredictable results. Seems a fair trade-off since they’re immortal and invincible. Heh, and so, dragons and magic is to Superman and Kryptonite is to saiyans (with tails) and the moon. :3
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Aye, same here, though not just for how cute Ocellus was, but that, yeah, Smoulder and all dragons by proxy are buttmonkeys when it comes to magic. No wonder they didn’t want to have any nice relations to ponies all this time.
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(Previously known as Depressed Knoll)

The Great Pumpkin

It looks too "balloony" and reminds me of pus-filled boils. At least with the puffersish he looks solid and isn’t going to pop if you poke him.
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