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Finished up something that started as a sketch commission for Doomgooey.
Pretty happy with how it turned out overall.
safe1919182 artist:graphene333 rainbow dash254880 spitfire14454 pegasus382613 pony1266766 bomber jacket618 clothes540237 commission91764 cute228369 cutefire251 dashabetes10674 duo100626 female1554560 flying45409 jacket15474 looking at each other26192 mare588123 sitting75425 smiling315393 stool1969


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Bearded Dialogue Master
Spitfire: And then he crashed his wing if a sharp pole. There was blood everywhere, yet he couldn’t stop laughing.
Rainbow: Oh… Poor Soarin.
Spitfire: Don’t your stallion was fine after a few stitches.
Rainbow: So that why his nickname is Clipper.
Background Pony #2F6F
This is great. The previous version was already pretty nice, but this looks even better.