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I started this on Tuesday after the last episode. I brought back from the dead an old diaper brand I made up a few years ago that I never used for anything.
suggestive128312 artist:thunderdasher07112 starlight glimmer43983 the parent map924 blushing176225 cute177991 diaper12158 diaper fetish8834 diaper package132 embarrassed10121 female901436 fetish35064 implied father7 implied firelight21 judgement39 pacifier2403 poofy diaper4030 possible punishment1 solo974856 solo female168734 upset1106


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Little Ribbon
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

I bet she had/has the kyootest ruffly-bottom hoofie pjs too

I'm surprised there isn't a ton more little!Starlight stuff considering she tends to get treated like a kid, acts more kid-like, and tried to solve a problem in the show by turning herself into a 4-year old. I expected her to have her pigtails at some point in s8e8
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as cute as this is even with it being glimmer to. even i would be pissed off at my mom or dad for doing that to me, glimmer should be happy it's done inside and not outside so
Background Pony #70F5
Firelight: Aww looks like somepony is needing her blankie & a baby bottle of warm milk, (it has laxatives in it but Starlight doesn't know that).