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safe1751782 artist:albinnada21 princess celestia96811 princess luna100821 alicorn233085 pony1011674 :p9483 abstract background16104 chest fluff41278 colored wings6553 colored wingtips1703 confetti2021 crown17982 cute205827 cutelestia3675 duo64861 eye contact6611 female1402976 floppy ears54596 fluffy14711 grin41026 jewelry68464 leg fluff3201 looking at each other21480 lunabetes3638 mare502750 messy mane7929 missing accessory8386 missing cutie mark4782 raised hoof48465 regalia21180 royal sisters4605 s1 luna7409 silly7551 simple background409604 sitting65640 smiling261398 spread wings57149 squee1975 tongue out108386 unshorn fetlocks27233 wavy mouth3868 white background102603 wing fluff1695 wings123376


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