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safe1995073 artist:albinnada21 princess celestia105910 princess luna110044 alicorn278900 pony1347809 :p12479 abstract background21075 chest fluff55433 colored wings10249 colored wingtips1989 confetti2363 crown25533 cute239631 cutelestia4033 duo124025 eye contact7384 female1625229 floppy ears65392 fluffy17130 grin54096 jewelry93457 leg fluff3993 looking at each other28226 lunabetes4012 mare630405 messy mane9301 missing accessory9342 missing cutie mark5645 raised hoof60928 regalia30559 royal sisters5705 s1 luna8061 silly8310 simple background512267 sitting80204 smiling338387 spread wings77383 squee2072 tongue out130805 unshorn fetlocks37466 wavy mouth4901 white background134200 wing fluff1980 wings180259


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