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Stop Eating My Friends Pt2

The dragon’s greed resisted Fluttershy’s threat of consuming him, and opened his throat to swallow her friends. Immediately, Shy slurps the dragon up to his snout. He struggles and uses his powerful arms stretching out Shy’s cheeks, but the massive’s pony skin was too strong. Her friends panics while trapped in either Shy’s or the dragon’s maw. Fearing she may have taken the threat too far and forgot them. Dash reaches out to the open sky as both maws begins to close.

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suggestive142861 artist:ponythroat531 applejack169775 basil394 fluttershy212516 pinkie pie216097 rainbow dash233792 dragon56212 pony966378 comic:stop eating my friends11 dragonshy922 eyes closed93382 female1361867 fetish39922 floppy ears52258 flutterpred642 forked tongue1179 giant pony4621 giantess4087 macro10885 mawshot1457 multiple prey745 open mouth145560 pinkie prey597 screaming3397 sharp teeth3737 swallowing1929 teeth9737 throat bulge3600 tongue out103808 vore14351 voreception70


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Daww that little tongue of fluttershy's sells it to me. And those cute puffy cheeks ;)
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ewww those teeth. Ponythroat, you made me realize how sexy pony teeth are in comparison to any other animal. I'm glad fluttershy is "putting her hoof down" and asserting dominance over this dragon!!