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After her time on the popular TV show "My Little Pony" had ended, Fluttershy found it difficult to find stable work in the TV industry. Wanting to display her range as an actress, she tried breaking into more serious roles hoping to shake off her persistent image of being an innocent filly show character. However, not many would hire her for her acting abilities but rather use her in cameos or small-time productions, typecasting her in roles of quiet, soft-spoken characters who barely got any screen time.
Struggling and depressed, she fell into the arms of her would be boyfriend, a badpony stallion of ill-repute who hung out with the wrong herds. As impressionable and naive Fluttershy was she inevitably submitted under his influence and followed him into an unexplored lifestyle full of thrilling vices, funded by her bank account of course. Hardcore sex, illegal drugs, and all manner of morally corrupt pleasure seeking soon had become familiar to this once sweet pure mare.

Once her funds had dried up, her boyfriend threaten to leave her unless she took upon his suggestion of finding a new line of work. And he had just the job in mind. It first started off with Fluttershy agreeing to just a few photo shoots; nothing too risque, just a few pictures of her in a bikini or her underwear. But then came the full nudity photo shoots followed by solo masturbation sessions which all lead up to the stallion's male buddies joining in on set. It wasn't long before Fluttershy had made a name for herself on the internet; the rumored Mane Six actress who had turned to doing porn for a living. But for her boyfriend, the greedy selfish stallion, she wasn't making enough as an amateur porn star. He no longer was just her boyfriend, but became her pimp as well. Maybe it was her desperation for his affection or the drugs he always carried, but Fluttershy was always willing to spread her legs for anypony he brought over despite initial hesitation. This was just who she was now, a horny mare who lived for the current pleasure to the next.
dead source25159 semi-grimdark30370 suggestive148417 artist:deersun19 fluttershy217265 pegasus309196 anthro269599 big breasts86029 breasts288734 busty fluttershy17917 ear piercing27797 earring22168 female1401964 hooker92 hookershy7 jewelry68257 mirror5439 piercing43111 prostitute342 prostitution1117 pubic tattoo51 requiem for a dream6 speech3188 story included9540 tattoo5791 uncanny valley928 womb tattoo143


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