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This pic was commissioned by the magnanimous . It’s a depiction of a pivotal scene from the finale of the first part of his fanfiction series.

Ponyville has been invaded by strange bug creatures that can shoot lighting and petrify ponies. After being separated from their parents Pound is attacked and turned to stone. In desperation Pumpkin’s magic awakens, taking the form of her brother and protecting her.


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@Background Pony #B764
A bit of a late response, but it’s just her magic. I gave Pumpkin effectively a green lantern ring. She summons spheres of magic that turn into things she wants.

In this situation her magic is just awakening for the first time after her brother was petrified and the creatures were coming for her next. Since she holds Pound up as her role model she just instinctively gave it his form since he always protects her no matter the danger.
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Background Pony #AB10
her special talent a awaking! she very good on magic, but one of most great talen is to use the soul of her friends or family who are unconsion or petrified or other problem who normaly can’t help or fight! she use them to fight, help or talk but can’t use other magic coz this magic is gain her magic faster if try other spell! she can only do on one pony a the time! the spell dont work on none pony! the big problem is if her body be attack , she lost her focu! she can only use one as a filly but with the teach of twilight and celestia , she can use it many more and long time of it! to be more save , somepony most be close to her to protect her! sure if use to protect her self can help but is not useful agains army! she will lose energy very fast! the spell is like soul projection but as more advence! pumpkin a create a new spell! the first time is come out is be not perfect but with help twilight is now conplet and can be use by all alicorn and unicorn(but for unicorn only the unicorn good as magic*not as magic show*)
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