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Commissioned piece. $100I stopped watching MLP before this happened, but this was a very entertaining piece to do. I never cared to ship Twilight with anyone, but if I were to make a choice, I’d go with Sunset Shimmer.
safe (1486289) artist:swain (87) sci-twi (20023) sunset shimmer (53203) twilight sparkle (269635) human (135876) equestria girls (167616) daydream shimmer (775) female (810940) horned humanization (5922) humanized (90281) kissing (20964) lesbian (86172) midnight sparkle (2186) midnightdaydream (42) scitwishimmer (2040) shipping (171965) sunsetsparkle (4126) winged humanization (7775) wings (59125)


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