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safe1676314 edit129407 edited screencap63303 screencap218326 firelight424 starlight glimmer47771 pony938956 a hearth's warming tail1495 a royal problem2129 all bottled up1415 celestial advice1136 equestria girls196180 every little thing she does940 mirror magic2488 no second prances1831 rock solid friendship1213 school daze2731 shadow play1284 the crystalling2141 the cutie map4123 the cutie re-mark3170 the maud couple741 the parent map1049 to change a changeling747 to where and back again2652 uncommon bond802 spoiler:eqg specials5212 angry26509 biting3665 board game380 boop7251 canterlot high2679 close-up5920 collage1327 compilation544 cropped48448 crystal empire2236 cute195313 dragon pit96 faic12163 female1336213 filly64814 filly starlight glimmer575 food68239 frown22454 glimmerbetes3765 glimmerposting281 grin37078 headscarf158 levitation11818 lidded eyes29834 lip bite11313 magic71760 meme81142 multeity2188 nervous5554 nervous grin1038 our town292 popcorn1490 ragelight glimmer247 raised eyebrow6484 s5 starlight1792 scarf22812 scrunchy face7015 self-boop414 sire's hollow157 smiling240373 sparkly eyes277 squishy cheeks2311 starlight cluster81 starlight says bravo116 telekinesis27055 the many faces of starlight glimmer8 tired3062 tongue bite267 train station401 trixie's puppeteering81 twilight's castle3764 wall of tags2908 welcome home twilight135 younger16982


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