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safe1770517 edit138057 edited screencap68893 screencap231497 firelight446 starlight glimmer50206 pony1030565 a hearth's warming tail1523 a royal problem2196 all bottled up1468 celestial advice1171 equestria girls209904 every little thing she does963 mirror magic2588 no second prances1889 rock solid friendship1253 school daze2823 shadow play1321 the crystalling2205 the cutie map4168 the cutie re-mark3239 the maud couple760 the parent map1076 to change a changeling771 to where and back again2790 uncommon bond826 spoiler:eqg specials5515 angry28452 biting3953 board game394 boop7696 canterlot high2874 close-up6484 collage1483 compilation553 cropped51186 crystal empire2371 cute208145 dragon pit98 faic12660 female1419196 filly70963 filly starlight glimmer608 food74168 frown23950 glimmerbetes3930 glimmerposting283 grin41995 headscarf171 levitation12777 lidded eyes32306 lip bite12193 magic76408 meme84109 multeity2332 nervous5972 nervous grin1186 our town323 popcorn1583 quiet162 ragelight glimmer288 raised eyebrow6768 s5 starlight1929 scarf24158 scrunchy face7291 self-boop437 sire's hollow158 smiling267024 sparkly eyes351 squishy cheeks2513 starlight cluster99 starlight says bravo122 telekinesis29194 the many faces of starlight glimmer8 tired3282 tongue bite284 train station456 trixie's puppeteering82 twilight's castle4144 wall of tags3779 welcome home twilight138 younger17937


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