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safe1949375 edit154944 edited screencap79033 screencap258160 firelight495 starlight glimmer54793 pony1299586 a hearth's warming tail1596 a royal problem2298 all bottled up1549 celestial advice1223 equestria girls231235 every little thing she does1033 mirror magic2755 no second prances2012 rock solid friendship1308 school daze3062 shadow play1386 the crystalling2319 the cutie map4265 the cutie re-mark3368 the maud couple807 the parent map1107 to change a changeling810 to where and back again2932 uncommon bond850 spoiler:eqg specials5856 angry32247 biting4514 board game443 boop8432 canterlot high3326 close-up7558 clothes551085 collage1761 compilation629 cropped55652 crystal empire2572 cute232541 dragon pit100 faic13717 female1582479 filly83184 filly starlight glimmer650 food86173 frown28088 glimmerbetes4406 glimmerposting291 grin51744 headscarf198 levitation14098 lidded eyes38223 lip bite13546 magic85320 meme88447 multeity2704 nervous7108 nervous grin1595 our town350 popcorn1760 quiet189 ragelight glimmer299 raised eyebrow7787 s5 starlight2314 scarf27934 scrunchy face7776 self-boop466 sire's hollow161 smiling324494 sparkly eyes544 squishy cheeks2856 starlight cluster111 starlight says bravo125 telekinesis33579 the many faces of starlight glimmer8 tired3770 tongue bite298 train station516 trixie's puppeteering88 twilight's castle4730 wall of tags5285 welcome home twilight143 younger20025


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