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+practicing drawing ponies interactingStill can’t do it well  
+not a shipping picture
safe1921663 artist:mirroredsea586 fluttershy233408 rainbow dash255018 pegasus383504 pony1269006 blushing231323 chromatic aberration1739 curtains3060 cute228720 daaaaaaaaaaaw5593 dashabetes10682 duo100994 duo female17674 ear fluff39651 eye clipping through hair10236 female1556681 friendshipping628 hug32591 looking down11355 looking up19849 mare589367 prone29926 shyabetes16411 smiling316074 sunlight1901 window10669


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Well the tags say it is Flutterdash and I’m so dam mad right now what the heck were they thinking. The artist specifically said it was not a shipping art!
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Why was this so hard to find? You see this picture blasted over Pinterest, but I couldn’t seem to find the artist name. Really nice picture, mirroredsea. Look forward to seeing more of your work ^^

Ok buddy
Youre a terrible person. Die please
No but for real, it sounds appealing when you put it like that even though i dont agree with you. Honestly id tell you my view but i find it unnessecary since its not going to accomplish anything. But its nice to know how people i dont agree with see things. Gives me perspective
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Discord (as a character) is chained to Flutters with a few exceptions, and Celestia only recently had some focus on her, and them teaming up could give us some fresh air. Using Opposites Attract logic, we can see that Celestia’s calm nature can balance Discord’s chaotic nature, yet their similarities would be the ground that they bond over. They’re both tricksters, and Celestia could be Discord’s Pinkie, and teach him self restraint. It’s why I see this ship succeeding where Rarijack and Flutterdash fails, since I can see Discord and Celestia able to live in the same building, with Celestia in a gravity-defying bed or Discord a normal bed (I call it the Where would they Live Question). Not perfect, but still has potential, either as lovers or just friends.
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These two have been around each other for so many years that they’re perfectly comfortable being this close, even just as friends. I always liked that about them.
We need more cute not shipping images. Ponies don’t need to be fucking to be cuddling!
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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These two have been around each other for so many years that they’re perfectly comfortable being this close, even just as friends. I always liked that about them.