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Drawing source:
safe (1426285)artist:whydomenhavenipples (1433)oc (523894)oc:floor bored (423)oc only (363250)cheese (624)chips (586)clothes (354812)doritos (196)egg (food) (148)food (50941)grin (27948)heavy cream (2)hoodie (10252)instant noodles (24)meme (73362)mountain dew (172)neet (58)shrunken pupils (1796)smiling (182700)solo (874311)sweat (19827)sweating profusely (254)

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14 comments posted
A quick google search shows Mountain Dew and heavy cream whisked together folded together will essentially make Mountain Dew Ice Cream. Definitely something I’d try.

The other set seems reasonable enough.

I should try this some time.
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The Illustrious
Is it saying to combine the noodles, eggs, doritos, and cheese all together?
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