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To be honest, fusing the arms for a +12 to strength probably isn’t a good choice. 2 handed weapons use 1.5x strength. Every hand after the first (provided it can handle more than two hands) adds a .5 to that multiplier. With 6 arms you get to add 3.5x strength. 22 strength means a str modifier of 6, with 6 handed wielding results in +21 damage per hit.

A 34 in strength with a 2h weapon would be +18 damage per hit. So fuse arms actually reduces damage if you are using a weapon that can use more than 2hands (like a spear).
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Background Pony #770C
Just be careful with 3.5, otherwise you get dwarf barbarians with 70+ Strength throwing Large Adamantine Returning boulders at paractially everything, and binders that basically spend 10 points to roll 20+ d6 of damage. (okay that is very late game but still, GOD Damn it was amazing)
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Time for the enemy to cast a spell to mind control derpy’s character and whirlwind attack their allies.

I love the expression and simple style of your comics! Its fun
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Very Tired
I was about to say I don’t think you can do this but on double checking it seems you can. Need to see if those last two spells exist in Pathfinder. Might be fun to whip out on some friends.
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While I personally haven’t had any experience with Dungeons and Dragons, I’ve watched episodes of Brony D&D, and found it fun to hear the players having fun. Derpy seems to be having fun. I wonder if her powering up is going to pay off. I can wait to find out.
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