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safe1587398 artist:badumsquish1963 derpibooru exclusive24486 twilight sparkle283957 pony857515 unicorn274258 badumsquish is trying to murder us161 behaving like a rabbit5 chocolate chip cookie6 chocolate chip cookies33 cookie3333 cookie thief26 couch7225 cup5626 cute181396 eyes on the prize4995 female1227856 filly59937 filly twilight sparkle2462 food62260 mouth hold15564 newspaper1557 nom2901 plate1531 ponified animal photo556 show accurate11446 solo983199 table8349 twiabetes10474 twilight stealing a cookie17 weapons-grade cute3285 younger15568


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31 comments posted
Background Pony #CE4C
we need a video of this! were celestia read a books with twilight! both read one and be face to a other were a royal come with cookie and tea! twilight see the cookie and eyes sparkling and she one like the pic! the royal be surprise but celestia smile and think of the time were luna be doin the same thing as twilight age!
Background Pony #9165
Words can't describe my level of d'awwww. Thanks for taking your time in bringing us this cute piece, Badum <3