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safe (1448004)artist:whydomenhavenipples (1450)oc (534247)oc:floor bored (439)oc only (368321)oc:taku (29)earth pony (154963)pony (715700)backpack (1559)bags under eyes (1376)braces (1157)clothes (362606)comic (91265)dialogue (51608)door (3187)duo (40163)female (777207)flies (133)floppy ears (41935)glasses (47832)hoodie (10506)hoof hold (6102)mare (345993)messy mane (5950)monochrome (135975)nervous (4453)nervous sweat (15)otaku (43)peeking (517)scared (8064)shrunken pupils (1861)simple background (295994)sweat (20301)sweater (11679)white background (73719)


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Nо Hооves
The other horse is probably a sociopath too but who is at least trying to get social. So she met FloorB online and asked if she can visit her because they’re both online addicted sociopaths i.e. matching souls (kind of).
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Duck - Racist Shitflinger
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

rule no. 1 of having gests: don´t leave your gests waiting in the door.

I´m meaning that I hope the artist picks this idea and develope it more.
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