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isnt that a lovely scene, watching while ridding a bug that is just making small talk as she strenghs herself on your love. but who could say no to this inviting hips. also cadence… i am sorry to tell ya but i think your “prince” is in another castle.
explicit416915 grimdark29669 artist:empressbridle240 princess cadance36718 queen chrysalis39058 shining armor25870 alicorn274298 changeling58414 pony1322664 unicorn446080 equestria changed37 adultery729 aftersex11059 and that's how thorax was made15 anus118904 balls95358 bed50018 big penis15482 bondage40959 bound wings4286 changeling domination673 clopfic in the comments1056 cuckquean358 doggy style9180 egg4829 face down ass up10277 female1602621 femsub12886 forked tongue1635 from behind16412 gang rape399 gangbang2819 glazed dick3748 group sex18657 horsecock85973 hotdogging2327 impregnation3837 infidelity8418 male459607 maledom6586 mane2578 nudity452063 oviposition2415 penetration74486 penis187444 ponut55019 pubic hair9148 pun8353 rape8467 reverse cowgirl4705 reward the villain11 sex148694 shining chrysalis558 shiningsub507 shut up89 sin of lust44 spread wings75374 straight159504 subdance300 submissive21167 tail wrap7648 television3022 text75923 tongue out128506 vaginal49025 victorious villain680 wingboner9089 wings174865


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Background Pony #B72D
I choose to believe that this is their fifth or sixth time watching that recording while fucking and she says this every time.

Wake up. We're here.
It’s a recording. So maybe there was no rape and this is disguised Chrysalis on the screen? She specifically ordered to her drones use and abuse her in the most brutal ways.  
So she can send her secret lover a perfect gift and still smile to real Cadence when on diplomatic missions.  
Win-win! Even triple win.
Condensed Milk - State-Approved Compensation

Never Forget 13/04/2018
I love how Shining gives less of a fuck about his wife while banging his sweet lover queen <3  
Watching your wife get fucked sure is hot when you don’t feel anything for her anymore
Who needs a princess of love when you have a queen that loves you and can turn herself in anypony your heart desires? <3
Background Pony #A8FE
Really love the egg style here. Grape-like small, coated in green sticky mucus, it is just ideal for both parties. Male while cumming can feel it goes through his urethra before popping out. Female can feel how cock in her thickens while small bumps travel through, dilating her hole some more and massaging it. And then the filling. It’s not just cum that will leak away, no, that’s sticky goo with solid grains in it, that won’t drop out on their own. Even when abused hole is overstuffed, the eggs will slowly move between vaginal walls and pulsing cock, pushing them both to sides. Green semen splorches and leaks exceedingly accentuates the dirtyness of the act. I’m curious, does different consistency of changeling cockslime makes rutting sound different? How “squelchy” and lewd can it become?  
And just look at this piles of escaped eggs on the picture. Changelings don’t care about it. Which means they have MORE. More in them. More for her.  
Progress bar on the screen also suggests that it’s on 94 minutes for now, and that’s barely a one third of the whole record! I’d really love to see another moments of this beautiful, beautiful gangbang (or is it public use?) oviposition raping. In small details like these.  
Will Cadence break?
Thanks for listening to my crazy babbling. And sorry for shabby language.