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explicit397876 artist:wolfmask520 princess cadance35711 shining armor25197 alicorn260501 pony1245751 unicorn410732 absurd resolution69987 blowjob35812 crying48516 deepthroat5912 erection19496 exclamation point4585 facefuck2484 female1535321 filthy dirty married sex558 good clean married sex1751 heart eyes21236 holding head2744 horsecock81580 impatient106 looking up19445 makeup28287 male434761 mare577337 milf11136 nudity429461 oral55132 penis177929 running makeup2397 sex140892 shiningcadance3001 shipping222350 stallion138360 straight153336 tears of pleasure942 tongue out121641 unshorn fetlocks33192 wingding eyes28150


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luna's husbando

You hear about those cops who busted in on a shibari session thanks to a nosy neighbor? Cadance probably wouldn’t take no for an answer when the interlopers decline to join in.
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Word Bug
This is the test.
You just say: “get on top, honey,” you do what you like
And then sometimes she’ll be fucking you really hard
It’s like, wait, you like that? You like that?!
Slow down, I’m going to spurt! Ahh uhh, sorry
You shouldn’t have fucked me so hard
Background Pony #1F63
“O-okay, easy… don’t want to hurt her…”