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Twilight Sparkle I mean Sci-Twi need more guys, 2-3, 4 no 5 boyfriends!! How much more can she give?
the name of the fifth guy — Great Presto Moonwalker!
safe1615770 artist:urhangrzerg124 flash sentry12164 pinkie pie207491 sci-twi22501 sunset shimmer58913 timber spruce1855 trixie64010 twilight sparkle288328 equestria girls187603 equestria girls series30234 bubble berry1519 equestria guys1019 female1286235 half r63 shipping1826 jealous1182 male343853 rule 6325478 sci-twixie207 shipping188341 sparkleberry24 straight127832 sunset glare269 sunsetsparkle4158 tristan248 tristansparkle20 twiglare30 twilight sparkle gets all the stallions44 twinkie1706 twixie4971 yandere786 yandere pie120


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19 comments posted
Background Pony #F7B9
@Background Pony #D65A
you are the desafiant. Dude go to a real doctor for christ sake cause there’s something wrong with that small brain of ure man. and stop seeing those things that all this is really ridiculous like the others.
Background Pony #6CA6
@Background Pony #A022
U may think sci twi and timber r made for each other but do to the reactions from the fans and seeing a couple shorts where timber used twilight as a shield and the other seeing twilight interacting with flash, timberlight is a no go.
Background Pony #F7B9
@Background Pony #D65A
twilight don't belong to anyone, it's a tv kids show no for adult people. sunset shimmer has more potential with that. timber and sci twi are made for each other, it's not up to you. What’s more fascinating and unique that everybody exept you and all and nobody cares is the same excuse yours, everything that is fight is a nonsense. twilight doesn't belong to anyone and it's about friendship, that's living proof you two was wrong. can love better and accept is the friendship because it's a tv kids show. Both of you quit saying bullshit and back off youreselves.
Background Pony #6CA6
@Background Pony #A022

@Background Pony #4C65
Hating timber for being a waifu stealer is not stupid nor ridiculous. There are plenty of good reasons to hate timber and he and twilight, don't pear perfectly with each other. What's more fascinating and unique that everybody else except u two can love better and accept is sciflash/flashlight because the relationship between both twilights and both flash sentry's has more potential, more success and more better chemistry than timberlight and flashshimmer. Both of u quit saying bullshit and back off ureselves.
Background Pony #0B5F
@Background Pony #A022
True, twilight doesn't belongs to anyone. And the stupids fans lose their heads for their useless opinions and swallowing. It's ridiculous.

@Background Pony #0238
Stop saying bullshit dude, there is no absolutely no unique chesmistry between Flash, timber and twilight. So back off

@Background Pony #4C65

I'm aware it's just an fanart, but it has foundations in canon —
Flash was at least KINDA interested in Sci-Twi (check Legend of Everfree), even if in canon, she doesn't reciprocate.

With Sunset, it's arguable the creators even ship her and Sci-Twi, I mean, they put things in like this:

(stated by the narrator when Sci-Twi and Sunset were on screen, making the moment at least subjectively coming of as shippy)

And those are just the most recent moments between Sci-Twi and Sunset. It's also notable Sunset also twice brought back Sci-Twi from Midnight, and once overcoming her magic phobia, which often happens between couples — to compare, Timber had no impact with Sci-Twi overcoming Midnight, or her fear of magic. This is not excursively done with couples, and but as I mentioned it is often done often with couples, even in MLP, ie with with Cadance helping Shinning Armor to overcome Chrysalis' mind control, and Chrysalis herself.

If either Sunset or Sci-Twi was a guy, I'm 100% sure they would be a couple in canon.

With Pinkie, pony Twilight always had a chemistry, as had recently Sci-Twi and Pinkie Pie in Equestria Girls.

With Trixie x Twilight, I must admit it's a pony counterpart specific situation XD

Still, I think I do have a right to enjoy this XD

(Especially that it's very funny)
Background Pony #0FA3
@Background Pony #4C65
Hating flash by accusing him as a waifu stealer is ridiculous. There is absolutely no unique chemistry between timber and twilight. Both twilights and both flash sentry's r made for each other