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You can choose just one, make a wise choice.  
Because you can not change later :P

I do arts of this genre in extremely rare occasions, in this case I wanted to test how it would be an art of this in my new style of drawing ponies and coloring.
Just as a test, but I think I did more than right this time.
It was even the first time I did an Applejack art in this situation, I chose the Rainbow Dash to keep her company.
explicit397880 artist:ciderpunk573 applejack183496 rainbow dash253095 twilight sparkle324463 alicorn260499 earth pony329826 pegasus373287 pony1245734 non-compete clause763 anatomically correct28029 anus111988 applebutt5255 bedroom eyes68774 blonde2275 blonde hair754 blonde tail99 both cutie marks12058 butt freckles2383 clitoris32381 dock58450 dreamworks face1255 ear fluff38791 eyebrows12958 eyelashes20066 feather fingers46 female1535310 freckles34166 friendship throne723 green eyes6212 hair2250 lip bite13141 looking at you203268 looking back69265 looking back at you20688 mare577322 multicolored hair7989 multicolored mane2752 multicolored tail2011 nudity429448 ponut51633 presenting27941 pubic hair8798 purple eyes3650 rainbutt dash4689 raised eyebrow7422 sexy35369 speech3270 spread wings68870 stupid sexy applejack828 stupid sexy rainbow dash3674 tail54650 the ass was fat17241 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134608 vagina52107 vaginal secretions44640 vulva150573 wings158112


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Background Pony #5553
What’s the point of going faster?  
Just lay down and enjoy the ride until the very end.  
Savor every. single. second of it.
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Mad as a Hatter
Depends how fast we’re talking, like I don’t wanna end up with a weenie roast downstairs, and does the hard involve ropes? Eh fuck it, let’s let fate decide. Anyone got a coin?
Background Pony #B5AD
Oh. Did AJ and RD change their names to Hard and Fast, respectively?  
Does that make Pinkie Wild and Rarity Slow?  
And Fluttershy Gentle?