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YCH Result! Cheerilee and Celestia  
Based on the fact they have the same voice actor, I bring you principal and teacher!
explicit397880 alternate version62351 artist:twistedscarlett601184 cheerilee10530 princess celestia102265 alicorn260499 earth pony329826 anthro299626 anus111988 ass63072 belly button91134 blushing227361 bottomless15110 bow34994 breasts323712 busty cheerilee788 busty princess celestia11674 butt148790 cheerileeder397 cheerleader3061 clothes532795 dialogue75784 eyebrows12958 eyelashes20066 eyeshadow20575 female1535310 flowerbutt326 green eyes6212 hair bow19438 looking at you203268 makeup28286 midriff20954 nicole oliver192 no panties2627 nudity429448 open mouth183235 praise the sun2198 purple eyes3650 sexy35369 sitting74197 skirt45896 smiling308763 stupid sexy celestia1824 voice actor joke2245 vulva150573 ych result28527


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With the few hope they have an even harder decision when princess celesta and cheerilee pose in just a crop top to make those decide to do both.