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I can't animate for shit.
safe1587266 artist:zutheskunk188 twilight sparkle284464 pony854853 unicorn270689 animated92530 blinking3242 coffee3563 coffee pot35 drinking3075 female915891 gif28119 hoof hold7415 leaning back424 lidded eyes26273 mare420382 open mouth124700 profile5495 simple background349041 solo980791 table8295 tongue out91746 unicorn twilight13183 white background88291


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@The magic 🅱oi
Why? She appears to be holding the pot with her hoof, as improbable as that is. OP stated they can't animate for shit and slapping magic on Twilight's horn would also mean having to slap an aura around the handle of the pot. That's a lot of extra work.
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Go fsck yourself
I have a feeling this is going to be my Monday. It's almost 8 AM Sunday where I am currently, and I've not been to bed yet. Yay, amphetamines!
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Oh yeah, I can relate. Er, to drinking lots of coffee that is, I don't really need it, caffeine actually doesn't work on me at all.