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Full Service Playing Cards Series 1 Double E:  
<Click Here To Pre-Order or Help Crowdfund the Production!>
(Note: Yes, these are physical playing cards, and can be mixed and matched with cards from Series 1, Series 2, Series 3 and eventually Series 4, because they all have the same back image. :D)
(Note 2: Series 1 Double E is an ‘Enhanced Edition’ of Series 1, a complete redrawing of 52 original cards from the original set and two brand new ones!)
Of course Cheerilee knows about Big Macintosh’s new girlfriend.
That doesn’t mean she’s stopped liking her apples big, firm, sweaty, absolutely dripping with flavorful juices and covered in her lipstick.
And of course she still likes her candy green apple flavored. Nothing satisfies her quite like lathering her tongue all over a nice big hard jawbreaker of a lollipop and getting it nice and dripping with her slobber.

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suggestive185553 artist:lil miss jay2568 cheerilee11093 earth pony424005 anthro346360 unguligrade anthro63202 full service playing cards292 g41933956 apple20604 bedroom eyes79270 belly button105686 big breasts120115 blushing261911 blushing profusely3161 breasts376514 busty cheerilee887 candy9470 chalkboard3568 cherriesleve17 cleavage44907 clothes612258 curvy9258 dazed181 drool33387 drool string7736 ear fluff47563 erect nipples16077 eyes on the prize6685 eyes rolling back4104 female1745914 fetish54876 floppy ears70489 food97394 foodplay1999 licking26729 lipstick16001 lollipop3167 looking at you246594 looking pleasured2849 nipple outline10750 nipples233125 nudity493356 open mouth225849 panting3718 pinup3943 raised skirt26 school desk103 school uniform9256 schoolgirl2313 sex slave1529 sitting88458 skirt53251 slave3726 solo1383088 solo female225461 strategically covered3503 sweat38567 sweatdrop6339 table12527 tongue out141595 underass3232 uniform15801 uniform fetish70


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