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suggestive148613 artist:baron engel2082 starlight glimmer49883 trixie68833 anthro270264 breasts289528 bunny ears3723 bunny suit2564 cape10762 clothes477297 dialogue68218 female1405553 grayscale39353 hat90690 implied lesbian3576 implied shipping5209 implied startrix162 leotard4731 milestone869 monochrome152473 pencil drawing8395 simple background410513 sketch64649 speech bubble24489 top hat4331 traditional art120552 trixie's cape3939 trixie's hat4764 white background102869


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“Because Trixie likes grabbing you more… plus the only rabbit available is a total jerk.”
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Starlight shouldn’t have put Trixie in charge of providing the entertainment for Sunburst’s birthday party. Trixie ships it, hard.