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Background Pony #7DCB
Its not love as much as its cramming every popular /memorable character in their poorly thought spin off to remind you that you havent stumbled on Monster High by mistake and that it supposed to be pony if the horseshoe themed decoration and the out of place names that look stupid applied to humans and not toony toons critters didnt do the trick (they dont)
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Background Pony #7DCB
What was the point of doing this then ? Also can they stop regurgitating that narrative that they re free to do what they want when he explicitly said that Hasbro van overrule pretty much anything arbitrarly ? Its not what creative freedom is
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Jim’s comment about Jackpot may not even realizing he has a kid / Trixie is his kid, kinda indicates that he has a choice, but never bothered.

You think he couldn’t take one day off every one or two years to see his family? Even fathers who had to work overseas for decades still write and receive letters from home.
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Well in my original Headcanon, Trixie lived a relativity normal but happy life with his mother and father, and had dreams in becoming a powerful and world famous magician which her parent proudly supported. She was on the road on achieving her dreams when she was accepted into Celestia’s school for the magically gifted.

Though things head for a turn for the worse when her mother develops stomach cancer, and her father decides to work 2 jobs double shifts in order to care for his sick wife and daughter, and pay for the operation. Unfortunately the mother died, causing the father to blame himself for the lose of his wife, and the mother of his daughter, seeing himself as a failure of a husband and a father he started to drink heavily.

Trixie, still very young in her adolescent years(9 to 11 years old), now had to worry about school and her sorrow stricken alcoholic father. Her father continued to drink himself to death for 4 years straight, till he finally decided to quite drinking and become the father that Trixie needed, this lasted for year till her father died from liver disease, despite being sober.

She became an orphan, no parents to look after her, no home to go to. And on top of that she failed school and kick out of the academy. Forced to live off the streets fending for her self, with a knowledge she learned in her personal time and in school, she decided to become street magician, till she earned enough money and name recognition she became a traveling stage magician.

This was all before season 8 you see.
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Ruwa is best waifu.
I get the feeling he didn’t dump her mother. It is possible he had no choice because of his career. You know. Some people coldly put their career before their family and regret it later on.
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