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explicit326730 artist:crash9902232 big macintosh27070 marble pie6161 earth pony215463 pony881782 adorasexy8859 bed37855 blushing182338 creampie27941 cum74186 cute186026 cute porn5920 eyes closed83975 female1284939 horsecock62590 human vagina on pony3525 incestuish111 male343331 marblemac470 mare438968 missionary position3827 moaning in pleasure2355 nudity343200 penetration52251 penis141763 rcf community5009 sex111175 sexy26531 shipping188168 stallion97662 straight127698 vaginal36039 vaginal secretions37481 vulva117037


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@Power Play
"We formed a new religion
No sins as long as there's permission
And deception is the only felony
So never f*ck nobody without telling me"


It's difficult to expect some rationality from the kind of person who has difficulty separating reality from fantasy. The most hardcore fans in any fandom have enough time to totally immerse themselves, as they are not in education, employment, or training, and thus their entire existence revolves around their fantasies.

At best, they talk about these characters as if they're real, and as if their head canons were actual fact… ie Cheerilee and Marble Pie ships. Sometimes, as is the case with Flash Sentry, you'll see them go absolutely batty over the perceived reality that Flash Sentry is out to steal le waifu.

At worst, as in the case of the idiot who found a priest willing to marry him to a Twilight Sparkle plush toy, this leads them to induce schizophrenia in themselves through repetitive, damaging meditations. This is because some random stranger on a tulpa site said it's perfectly safe to make yourself see a person who isn't there, and that you should ignore the horror stories of those who have tried to do this and now need to explain to a therapist that they see a pink monstrosity with cupcake teeth ripping the heads off of rabbits and screaming uncontrollably.
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What a pointless argument. There's only one sure thing here: two ponies are having sex. Nothing about this image says anything direct or indirect about monogamy, polygamy, polyamory, infidelity, fidelity, herd behavior, baking cakes in low gravity, or the price of tea in China. There's also no calendar on the wall to tell us that this clearly "happy" time takes place before, after, or during any possible relationship between Big Mac and Sugar Belle. Just enjoy the image. Sheesh.
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Honestly I think some people just refuse to recognize Big Mac and Sugar Belle as a canon couple. Personally I love sugarmac.
Power Play
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Equestria is a society of polyamory, polygamy and above all, being able to have fun.

Just as long as it's consensual.