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explicit (278633)artist:omnifob (136)fluttershy (182012)anatomically correct (18532)anus (76733)bunny ears (2689)clitoris (20620)clothes (350049)dangerous mission outfit (709)dock (37271)female (745245)goggles (11572)looking at you (118223)looking back (41022)looking back at you (6874)mare (326697)nudity (290735)plot (64160)ponut (33196)pony (676688)raised tail (11441)solo (866040)solo female (153543)tail (14354)torn clothes (3686)vagina (41931)vulva (95746)wardrobe malfunction (3877)


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Background Pony #EEB7
EXACTLY my fetish right here. I love how the ripped part of the costume is still stuck on the stub :D

I’m guessing Fluttershy was climbing over the log when she felt the stub catch her suit. I bet when she looked back, it was too late :)
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