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explicit319259 artist:omnifob137 fluttershy199909 pony859862 accidental exposure322 anatomically correct21686 anus87669 bunny ears3261 clitoris24274 clothes415382 dangerous mission outfit738 dock44484 female1228409 goggles13177 looking at you148044 looking back50307 looking back at you11711 mare427655 nudity335153 plot71640 ponut38956 raised tail13578 solo983597 solo female169115 tail21005 torn clothes4343 vagina45883 vulva114040 wardrobe malfunction4674


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3 comments posted
Background Pony #7907
EXACTLY my fetish right here. I love how the ripped part of the costume is still stuck on the stub :D

I'm guessing Fluttershy was climbing over the log when she felt the stub catch her suit. I bet when she looked back, it was too late :)