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Spray ’em down
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Mo​dular Ponkfag
@Somber Star

One could argue that the bug blast in OP comic could just be something like a pepper spray rather than an actual pesticide, maintaining the light hearted comedic element, whereas your comment is about unequivocal execution.
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well, yeah, but you could argue this is displayed as actual punishment, using chemicals for disobeying rehabilitation, or "reformation".. because, that’s what it looks like.
You could frame this a bit better, you could frame this as Queen Chrysalis doing something evil and getting bug sprayed for it.

but anyway, maybe you shouldn’t compare this image to slapstick comedy.
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Apex Predator
@Somber Star
I mean id think its more about the fact that your idea would LOOK more gruesome rather tan feel more gruesome.
Doing X to people can be generally considered more normal than doing Y.

Whats wrong with using Chemical reagents that target the nerves and are distributed in gas form on ponies?
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Comments123 comments posted