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Name : Jinx
Parents : Maud (biological mother), Startlight (biological mother), Mudbriar (step dad)
Gender : Female
Species : Unicorn

Special Talent : Curses and Jinxes
Job : unemplyed
Likes : Revenge, plushies, midnight, being alone, exotic animals, keeping her hair neat.
Home : Ponyville

Bio :
Jinx is a very short and chubby mare, she wasn't reated well when she was younger and made her despise others. Of course Maud and Stralight were kind and understanding to her, though Starlight panicked with some situations but Maud knew what to do. Maud and Jinx had grown quite close. After the years the stress of her daughter and trying to teach lessons grew too much and she left her family. Soon after her mother introduced Jinx to her new boyfriend Mudbriar. Jinx would often roll her eyes at his comments and ignore him but she prefferd him over Starlight.

Jinx is a very moody mare she prefers to be alone and work on her spells, though she will allow company to only help most likley her cousin sugar rush as he is more quiet and obeying than his sister sweet tooth. She tends to not trust others easily and sticks to what she knows especially her mother Maud.
safe1638416 artist:anyatrix65 oc642377 oc only426541 oc:jinx87 pony904091 unicorn295043 cutie mark44075 female1304290 high res24079 magical lesbian spawn11101 mare449275 offspring36218 parent:maud pie392 parent:starlight glimmer1312 parents:starmaud32 raised hoof42020 simple background370430 solo1019360 white background91864


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