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This is a New Next gen I thought of nothing really much!

this is gonna be awhile to take on but I'll put their info here!

I noticed that I only did Sweetie belle but I Will make the other Cmc Later!

Twilight x Quibble Pants — Married and have three kids

Rainbow dash x Thunderlane — Marrie and Have two Kids

Pinkie Pie x Cheese Sandwich — Married and Have Three kids

Fluttershy x Big Mac — Married, Have one kid

Rarity x Prince blueblood — Married, Have two kids

Applejack x Soarin — Married and Have two Kids

Starlight glimmer x Sunburst — Married and have two kids

Trixie x Discord — Married and have two Kids

Vinyl Scratch x Neon Lights — Married and have three kids

Sweetie belle x Button Mash — Married and have two kids

Maud Pie x Trenderhoof — Married and have three kids

Sunset Shimmer x Flash Sentry — Married and have two kids

Princess Luna x Sombra — Married and have one kid

Octavia x Doctor whooves — Married and have two kids

Base by ShootingStarYT
Original by Nazo-no-Akuma
safe (1523262) artist:xxtyronendip4everxx (2) applejack (154982) big macintosh (26329) button mash (3689) cheese sandwich (3495) discord (28057) dj pon-3 (27612) flash sentry (11674) fluttershy (192620) king sombra (12308) neon lights (776) pinkie pie (198535) prince blueblood (3737) princess luna (91659) quibble pants (1407) rainbow dash (213845) rarity (165039) rising star (775) soarin' (13071) starlight glimmer (41371) sunburst (5446) sunset shimmer (54574) sweetie belle (45713) thunderlane (3711) trixie (59773) twilight sparkle (274404) vinyl scratch (31707) alicorn (183939) pony (798022) cheesepie (1107) doctavia (44) female (847632) flashimmer (1701) fluttermac (2579) lumbra (276) male (288619) quibblelight (8) rariblood (146) shipping (176990) simple background (324618) soarinjack (208) starburst (942) straight (117354) sweetiemash (562) thunderdash (124) transparent background (169442) trendermaud (6) trixcord (41) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (111073) vinylights (197)


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17 comments posted

@Background Pony #F902

So, we should follow "canon" because Flash and Twilight "are made for each other" as well as being a "unique" pairing? Forgive me for being a bit, er, critical, but those are some pretty flimsy reasons for a pairing. OK, I know I've got those kind of pairings too, to an extent, but then again that's probably why I recognize it.
Background Pony #311D
Most people like me find flashlight unique and believe flash and twilight r made for each other. And as I said before, not only have we’ve seen human flash in equestria girls but We’ve seen flash sentry’s pony counterpart in the series in season 4 so chances r hasbro might do a special hearts and hooves day special just like they’re doing a heartwarming eve special.
That’s why I believe this ship should b canon
Background Pony #5DB1
Yeah, as far as I'm aware, it's canon, though the writers seem to have made the decision that EG never be flat out reference in FiM, a few scant Easter eggs not withstanding, nor does anything that happens in it influence events in the show.

Mind you, I'm one of those folks who'd rather act as though they are entirely separate, but it's in the same way I say the Star Wars prequels didn't happen.
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@Background Pony #F902
There is a H&H day episode for this season 8. And no, Flash is not in it. But then why would he be in it? After all, like Sunset he's not canon.

When was it stated that the Equestria Girls series isn’t canon anyways?

I mean Flash did make small appearances in Season 4 and considering the Dazzlings made a appearance in the season 7 finale I don’t see how Equestria Girls isn’t canon.
Background Pony #5DB1
@Background Pony #F902
You're still not answering his question. It's clear that the ship is important to you, but why does that mean everyone else has to ship it too?

Don't do this, it's not cool. I love FlashLight too, but it's not okay to go onto images that push another ship to champion your own.
Background Pony #311D
We’ve seen flash sentry’s pony counterpart in the series in season 4 so chances r hasbro might do a special hearts and hooves day special just like they’re doing a heartwarming eve special.
Background Pony #44CF
>Maud with Trenderhoof
>Big Mac with Flutershy
they already have someponies…