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safe (1357710)artist:ralek (1207)oc (492916)oc:passel (91)blood (18813)cheek fluff (2753)chest fluff (23319)fangs (16180)lineart (11705)long ears (221)monochrome (129862)nosebleed (1866)runny nose (78)sabertooth pony (36)simple background (272586)solo (835863)stare (1118)teeth (6011)white background (67045)

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Lady of Ships and Birbs
@Depressed Knoll
I bad a feeling she wasn’t. Even in the earliest pictures of her, she was basically said to be a living smog from the pink cloud from Fallout Equestria. But quite a bit of pictures of her are tagged as Hippogriff (probably due to the talons).
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