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I'll rule the world

Jokes on him, her EG countepart of her daughter finally made some genuine progress in Forgotten Friendship.

It’s a work in progress.
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Urgh i certainly hope not. Eqg is enough of a shoehorned Monster High and a creative bloodsucker, no need yo make it worse by continuing to cannibalize G4.As Texasuberalles put it HOers not munkees,let them be Monster High knock off in their containment dimension
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Maybe the situation can’t be as dark as we think, maybe he just divorced trix’s mom before he even knew she were pregnant and she never told him, it would be nice to see an episode about maybe the map calling trixie to solve that problem
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This is actually a really interesting idea and not something I would expect from a cartoon aimed for a generally younger audience. That being said what Jim said would make sense for a magician…generally until they hit it big or get a gig like Vegas they are very transient, kind of like Trixie wandering with her wagon from town to town. It would make for episode I would very much like to see.
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