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Just a few doodles I put together that I used for practice in Photoshop. 

I’ve still got like a butt-ton of these coming be be warned. 

1. I’ve always loved the Cakes as a couple, and I really wish they’d get their own episode or a little more sceentime. They are just simply the cutest and its quite obvious Carrot adores his Cupcake. Hence snuggles. 

2. Nightmare Maid Rarity. I just really loved the design of such and wanted to draw. Plus it was an excuse to draw snooty Rarity. 

3. Gilda comes forth with a peace offering after discovering that friendship isn’t half bad. Of course, Fluttershy accepts and the kind pegasus invites the griffon in for tea. Her big noodle of a boyfriend friend Discord might not have the best things to say about the matter…

Characters © Hasbro, Lauren Faust 
Art © 2018 
safe (1341802)artist:celestial-rainstorm (102)carrot cake (1820)cup cake (3157)fluttershy (173925)gilda (8214)alternate timeline (2326)carrot cup (248)earth pony (125602)female (681404)gildashy (101)griffon (19533)hug (20918)lesbian (74491)male (230706)mare (296660)night maid rarity (238)nightmare takeover timeline (403)pegasus (163872)pony (608018)shipping (151235)simple background (268266)sitting (42245)stallion (63761)straight (102171)unicorn (173870)white background (65815)


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