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suggestive145488 artist:flicker-show339 spike79492 twilight sparkle303104 alicorn228483 anthro264669 plantigrade anthro33514 armpits43186 barefoot27987 blushing200978 breasts283455 busty twilight sparkle12231 chair6934 clothes467230 comic110257 crotch bulge4425 cup6400 curvy6815 dialogue66531 erect nipples11029 erection14901 exclamation point3885 feet40679 female1381455 hourglass figure1549 just fuck already2 male380153 mare491010 messy mane7837 monochrome150946 newspaper1696 nipple outline7654 older27283 older spike5396 panties50857 penis156274 shipping202880 straight138337 table9368 talking penis20 tanktop7842 teary eyes4268 traditional art118901 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124906 twispike1693 underwear61667 waking up823 yawn1416


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Artist -

Oh for blood sake. If I say the quality of the picture is bad for me, then it is.

If you can see it perfectly, that's fine and I envy you for it.

So please stop saying I have bad eye sight, because I don't. The quality of the picture is just too pixelated for me.
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SoulsBorne Veteran
Spike must be really horny if he cannot handle himself that much in front of Twilight in a shirt.