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safe (1522362) artist:spottedlions (114) flash sentry (11671) sunset shimmer (54519) equestria girls (172230) absurd resolution (63036) clothes (387433) commission (46817) drinking (2854) female (846421) flashimmer (1698) jacket (9902) leather jacket (2746) looking at each other (14859) male (288168) milkshake (1367) shipping (176859) simple background (324221) smiling (202240) straight (117228) straw (1637) table (7757)


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16 comments posted
Economist -

Pinkie Pie's Panzerfuchs

I ship this! :-D

Because I want to have Sunset Shimmer all the love and the happiness she deserves. Now come on, you haters! I'll protect their ship till the Battle of Berlin!!! (huge pack of ammo, supplies and Furor Teutonicus)

Hands not Hooves
@Background Pony #498F
When the site has tags, the ability to filter those tags so you don't see them, and a rule specifically against complaining about things you can filter, these comments shouldn't really be happening in the first place; let alone on nearly every image.

Gets old fast.
Background Pony #DF16
Did you forget Sunset confessed she didn’t like Flash that way and only used him to become more popular? Just because they were a couple doesn’t imply real love.
furiosa. ///

I swear, it's always the same crap that people keep saying in the comments when there's a new Sunset and Flash get-together art posted and I am so burnt out by it.

“Oh, I don't like Flashimmer.”
“Don't ship. Burn it.”

yeah, ok. WE GET IT.