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(Previously known as Flight-of-the-Moon)

Hands not Hooves
@Background Pony #498F
When the site has tags, the ability to filter those tags so you don’t see them, and a rule specifically against complaining about things you can filter, these comments shouldn’t really be happening in the first place; let alone on nearly every image.

Gets old fast.
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Background Pony #498F
Did you forget Sunset confessed she didn’t like Flash that way and only used him to become more popular? Just because they were a couple doesn’t imply real love.
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furiosa. ///'s avatar
furiosa. ///

(Previously known as slate. ///)

I swear, it’s always the same crap that people keep saying in the comments when there’s a new Sunset and Flash get-together art posted and I am so burnt out by it.

“Oh, I don’t like Flashimmer.”
“Don’t ship. Burn it.”

yeah, ok. WE GET IT.
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