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safe1555918 artist:evomanaphy818 oc593952 oc only404256 oc:scarrly62 bat pony42398 pony827099 animated91037 bat pony oc13716 beanie3196 blushing172656 cute173388 cute little fangs1669 ear tufts394 eye shimmer1136 fangs21581 female880209 filly58412 gradient background10591 happy27103 hat74663 leaning3064 looking up13769 ocbetes4139 open mouth120459 peekaboo164 pocket pony125 smiling209960 solo959664 weapons-grade cute3112


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keeper of freckles
@Background Pony #2A9F
I'm alright with it staying here since I can just post the updated version here later and the mods can merge it then like BG pony said.I just wasn't able to make the updated version yet because I'm really busy this month "
Background Pony #C677
Why not ask the Evo if its ok? One argument you can make is that when she's fixed the mistakes it can be merged. Preserving the comments and upvotes :)
Background Pony #830B
They literally said not to post this anywhere in the description on tumblr.