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Insanity Pilgrim
Was Fluttershy running Rarity’s canterlot or Manehattan boutique? I mean if Coco leaves to run the canterlot boutique who will run the manehattan one?
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Maybe she had a day off and didn’t want to waste it working?
I mean, say like if you worked at McDonalds or something and it’s your day off and you go there for lunch, a lot of people don’t want to be called in for work on such short notice when they have a day off.
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Hold on, where IS Coco anyway? I must be forgetting something, but didn’t she become an employee of Rarity For You in Manehattan?
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In the Button Mash case, the roles were reversed. Hasbro was the aggressor & the original holder of the name, and a fan animator was the one making the parody. There was little chance Hasbro would lose money in that situation.
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Then we wouldn’t have conflict that required resolution in an episode that wouldn’t have even had conflict in the beginning. And Fluttershy and Coco would be too cute that half the watchers would die of heart attacks.

Maybe its because Hasbro wrote her off the show because of a little scuff they didn’t want to be bothered with because it would cost them money. So what if she shows up in that comic. The face she was written off is pretty stupid. But you can’t tell some people that.