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Insanity Pilgrim
Was Fluttershy running Rarity’s canterlot or Manehattan boutique? I mean if Coco leaves to run the canterlot boutique who will run the manehattan one?
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Background Pony #29E4
Maybe she had a day off and didn’t want to waste it working?

I mean, say like if you worked at McDonalds or something and it’s your day off and you go there for lunch, a lot of people don’t want to be called in for work on such short notice when they have a day off.
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Hold on, where IS Coco anyway? I must be forgetting something, but didn’t she become an employee of Rarity For You in Manehattan?
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Birthday Cake - Celebrated MLP's 7th birthday

In the Button Mash case, the roles were reversed. Hasbro was the aggressor & the original holder of the name, and a fan animator was the one making the parody. There was little chance Hasbro would lose money in that situation.
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Since the Beginning
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
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nobody's favorite
Coco has her own career now.

What I wanna know is why Lily Lace, Inky Rose, and/or Starstreak couldn’t help out.

Especially since Inky, at least, seems to have had some spare time that day and was already in the neighborhood:
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