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safe (1129621)artist:rune-blad3 (178)derpibooru exclusive (11535)fluttershy (151539)fake it 'til you make it (527)spoiler:s08e04 (526)clothes (252475)couch (3986)draw me like one of your french girls (706)dress (25904)ear piercing (8845)earring (8676)edgy (1140)fluttergoth (177)goth (834)gothic (233)jewelry (18969)laying on side (303)open wing (8)pegasus (104275)piercing (17293)
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Trixie is innocent.
f l u t t e r s h y l o o k i n g v e r y a t t r a c t i v e
Also the fact that she wheres shoes with this outfit and shes not wearing them here makes this hotter
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