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safe (1394926)artist:horsegirlpodcast (70)applejack (144002)fluttershy (179422)pinkie pie (184943)rainbow dash (199362)rarity (153415)sci-twi (17980)sunset shimmer (48943)twilight sparkle (253758)equestria girls (154487)equestria girls series (21600)appleshimmer (190)bikini (13347)blushing (149486)camera (3040)clothes (344377)comic (85970)female (726247)glasses (45390)humane five (2014)humane seven (1583)humane six (1940)lesbian (79003)scitwishimmer (1852)shipping (159269)smiling (176418)sunsarity (87)sunsetdash (106)sunsetpie (143)sunset shimmer gets all the mares (45)sunsetsparkle (3892)sunshyne (138)swimsuit (20291)victory (117)


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2 comments posted
RushCars24's avatar
Sci-Twi Lover
Not TwiShim itself, but I see potential Sunset Shimmer’s harem on Humane Six as well but it didn’t impacted very well sadly. Just look at Rainbow, Rarity, Applejack, and Fluttershy! They’ll got their loving feelings about Sunset as well!

Pinkie also got the feeling on Sunset, in case you can see she takes a picture of Sunset and will put that in her bedroom walls!
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