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safe1586506 artist:horsegirlpodcast70 applejack159943 fluttershy199333 pinkie pie204507 rainbow dash220659 rarity170739 sci-twi22321 sunset shimmer58190 twilight sparkle284338 equestria girls181773 equestria girls series28742 appleshimmer200 bikini16083 black and white12167 blushing177626 camera3514 clothes413410 comic102160 female909326 glasses55396 grayscale36145 humane five2841 humane seven2153 humane six2721 lesbian92465 monochrome148138 scitwishimmer2576 shipping185304 smiling217844 sunsarity101 sunset shimmer gets all the mares50 sunsetdash121 sunsetpie216 sunsetsparkle4724 sunshyne168 swimsuit25135 victory129


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2 comments posted

Sci-Twi Lover
Not TwiShim itself, but I see potential Sunset Shimmer's harem on Humane Six as well but it didn't impacted very well sadly. Just look at Rainbow, Rarity, Applejack, and Fluttershy! They'll got their loving feelings about Sunset as well!

Pinkie also got the feeling on Sunset, in case you can see she takes a picture of Sunset and will put that in her bedroom walls!