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safe1879789 artist:conikiblasu-fan332 sci-twi27639 twilight sparkle322127 equestria girls224014 equestria girls series37463 forgotten friendship5996 adorasexy10941 animated107567 anime6283 breasts319247 caramelldansen152 cleavage38718 clothes525688 crossover66766 cute222912 dancing9318 eyes closed110938 female1517482 glasses72504 music video331 sexy34740 solo1196075 swimsuit32781 twiabetes13191


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Pinkie Pie : Oooh! The Caramelldansen dance!  
Rarity : Seriously, Twilight darling, what’s with that Caramelldansen thingy about?
Sci-Twi : giggles Awww, c’mon, girls! This is one of my favorite songs and music video in the history, and it’s sooo adorable! I can’t stop loving this forever!
Background Pony #D93D
Forgotten Friendship? More like forgotten meme! Haha… No I actually like this. Good job (: