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Originally made by Backgroundpony
Improved version; no Discovery Family logo, non-pixelated Fluttershy in the lower half.
safe1707650 artist:gratlofatic69 edit132647 edited screencap65297 screencap222355 fluttershy212801 ocellus5304 thorax4338 changedling8383 changeling47703 pegasus292282 pony968787 fake it 'til you make it1083 school daze2787 caption21528 female1364261 fluttergoth801 frown22912 goth2150 hipstershy281 king thorax2893 lip bite11623 male373158 mare481244 severeshy271


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Background Pony #E940
There's no denying that Fluttershy is secretly a changling. There's also her in a rabbit suit, her as the hulk, he er version as princess Celestia. Then recall the times she truly change by being rainbow dash and a tree.
Background Pony #D48A
But then the wonderful writers wouldn't be able to challenge us with their delicately nuanced interpretations of cardboard stereotypes interesting personality types.