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safe1707628 artist:pia-sama1697 rarity181970 unicorn323943 anthro260474 plantigrade anthro32713 school daze2787 breasts277989 busty rarity12829 clothes460083 crossed arms5106 cummerbund34 eyeshadow15643 female1364245 glasses61979 hair bun3349 high heels11237 horn67457 hot for teacher56 long skirt656 looking at you168851 makeup21511 necktie7294 raised eyebrow6573 sash275 schoolmarm rarity112 shirt24952 shoes36779 skirt39804 smiling248831 solo1065057 standing12253 tail27846 teacher953


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Background Pony #D4FE
Can you make student and teacher fetish, where spike is student and rarity is the teacher
Dirty Bit
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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That's him, officer
Now I await the inevitable hot image of Rarity disciplining Spike with a yardstick/paddle.

Or just an encounter on the desk. That works, too :U
night watch

… where's the other foot? I suppose she has a leg lifted while standing on the other foot, but I don't get the need of this flamingo pose.

@Background Pony #B4F6
Nah, it's not that bad. But if you really don't like it, maybe we can hope in a naked edit XD
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Dead for 10 years
damn lovely :D

that thing around Rarara's neck, I've been wondering, should that be like that or was it meant to be inside the collar?