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One of several requests I still have outstanding, done.

"Derpy hooves dressed as Link from Legend of Zelda, with a mini Dinky Hooves in her top pocket with a close up of her saying, ’I’m the one casting magic for mommy!’"

Scanned version of a previous upload.
safe1691256 artist:40kponyguy761 derpibooru exclusive28071 derpy hooves49915 dinky hooves4367 pegasus285958 pony952999 unicorn316997 bipedal33821 clothes454121 cosplay27584 costume27196 crossover61695 cute197622 derpabetes2636 dinkabetes288 ear fluff28880 equestria's best daughter204 equestria's best mother642 eyes closed91814 female1349214 filly65616 fourth wall2230 grass9504 looking at you165887 micro8941 mother and daughter5823 mouth hold17270 requested art1338 sword11579 talking to viewer2637 the legend of zelda3623 tiny ponies1429 traditional art116909 weapon30207


not provided yet


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