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safe1583234 artist:coltsteelstallion159 starlight glimmer44498 twilight sparkle283334 pony853933 unicorn272650 crazy face873 evil2614 faic11439 fangs21776 female1163160 floppy ears46452 hoof hold7397 insanity2478 knife4814 mare425484 open mouth124799 s5 starlight1494 slasher smile369 smiling217419 snaplight glimmer43 solo focus15265 speech bubble20473 this will end in death2133 this will end in tears3099 this will end in tears and/or death2144 twilight's castle3343 wide eyes16071


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Adan Druego

[IsoCon] 01-056-003-001
Sooooooo, is it strange that I find Starlight to be far more attractive in this mental state?
Seriously, she looks much cuter this way.

AD: Hey, Starlight? Wanna go on a shopping spree with me?

AD: Um, Starlight?

AD: It's the "sh" one not "ch" one.
SG: Wha…? …oh…

@Background Pony #65EB
Hey, you're me from a year ago or that's me…
Posted Report
Background Pony #9071
Ya'know, I just love these infomercials.

SG: Nopony will be safe. I will always be there to haunt their dreams. You can run….
Me: …
SG: …but if you call now, you'll also get me in my all new peripheral shadowmare form. I ca be soo hallucinogenic-tastic, yeah baby.
Me: Get me the phone.

SG: And that's not all. I'll always throw in a complimentary Staff-ASameness. Cause we all get thoses urges so why pretend we're all unique. It doesn't matter who you hurt, if you're just proving we're all the same. You're not a star, so why should you think it. You're not a winner or a loser, but the same. Let have a purge, let's have ourselves a purge. A purge of all that makes of different. There's so much wrong with completion, being afraid of being the loser. A battle of all the ban uhh, I mean, let's not have name brands, a battle of name brands, we're all generic here.

Me: Where's muh damn phone! And who the hell am I even talking to?