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"I'm sexy too, right?~"

Model and swimsuit by: AeridicCore

I just wanted to see if I could copy sample data from Twilight to another character and see if it came out correct. Turns out it did, so enjoy this little bonus. Sunset Shimmer at the beach.

Also, got over 100 followers on Tumblr now. You guys are awesome!
suggestive145463 artist:hunterz263161 sunset shimmer63853 unicorn332294 anthro264589 plantigrade anthro33491 3d78105 absolute cleavage3564 barefoot27980 beach15380 bikini18525 breasts283392 busty sunset shimmer5550 cleavage35109 clothes467156 feet40665 female1381297 looking at you172089 one-piece swimsuit4540 sexy30058 sling bikini1445 solo1078028 solo female181468 source filmmaker47346 swimsuit28883 teasing3817


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