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The grand follow up to this picture;
in which Shining pushes his new expansion powers to its near limit. He is rather large, but I am sure he can go bigger. ;3 Great work from Th0mas.
suggestive (113047)artist:th0mas (8)shining armor (20098)anthro (200600)about to blow (53)armor (18794)belly (20538)belly button (59689)bhm (1175)bloated (377)defense (14)expansion (590)fat (17637)impossibly large belly (7629)inflation (7205)magic (57500)magic inflation (45)massive cleavage (8)morbidly obese (5967)musclegut (76)muscles (8115)obese (8999)shining blubber (81)swelling armor (30)this will end in explosions (290)unconvincing armor (917)wardrobe malfunction (3930)


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