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"Do I look sexy?~"

Model and swimsuit by: AeridicCore

Another picture. This one has a lot better lighting and is personally my favorite picture that I made. I love swimsuits and gravure. So sexy and pretty.
suggestive145594 artist:hunterz263163 twilight sparkle303275 anthro264921 plantigrade anthro33564 3d78271 absolute cleavage3574 barefoot28010 beach15415 bikini18587 breasts283764 busty twilight sparkle12238 cleavage35150 clothes467656 feet40723 female1382543 high res31198 looking at you172328 one-piece swimsuit4551 sexy30096 sling bikini1451 solo1078918 solo female181585 source filmmaker47436 swimsuit28951 teasing3821


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