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With Sindroom having finished the changeling grub model someone else commissioned him to do (And me not knowing about it 'til about two days ago despite it being out on the 30th)
I decided to remake the old picture I uploaded with better post-render editing and the use of the ling grubs c:

Rendered it in 4K, too Feel extra special yet? X3
safe1616054 artist:captain-latrios5 oc627376 oc only418468 oc:deciduous33 changeling42993 changeling larva175 changeling queen13884 3d67787 baby9895 beach13733 changeling oc6821 changeling queen oc1721 digital art15019 female1286428 grass8717 grub79 hatchling88 high res23365 nest468 source filmmaker41155 yellow changeling785


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Background Pony #32B6
I like the idea of changelings having an hive in the wild without the need of a dark creepy cave