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Commissioned by Applelight Limited
suggestive (112977)artist:catstuxedo (232)bon bon (14640)lyra heartstrings (26088)sweetie drops (14630)human (130671)absurd resolution (61309)bbw (3394)belly lift (15)bikini (13725)black dress (168)bon blob (51)breasts (203281)burger (1320)chubby cheeks (2510)cleavage (27288)clothes (355304)donut (1504)double chin (1085)dress (34984)eating (7543)fat (17624)female (759078)flashback (811)food (51029)horned humanization (5772)humanized (87983)ice cream (4008)lesbian (81767)lyrabon (2796)milkshake (1250)mirror (4082)monochrome (134419)morbidly obese (5962)obese (8993)secret agent sweetie drops (335)sequence (788)shipping (164306)ssbbw (1178)sunglasses (11481)swimsuit (20896)weight gain (3120)wet hair (570)


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3 comments posted
Something tells me that Bon Bon has always been a closet fatty at heart; but her job at S.M.I.L.E probably required a standard of fitness for field work to where she had to stay fit; if she fell below that standard, she would likely be relegated to Desk Duty with an intense workout routine to bring her back up to that standard. Now that SMILE has been decommissioned, her closet fatty has been allowed to blossom into what we see here!
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