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It's a can of condensed milk.

"You see Ivan? If you say no joke is joke. You no have to think of joke!"


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@Background Pony #1B90
>Be on.
>Go along with the joke, either way you want. Communist or Capitalist.
>Mention Glim, against or for.

The only reason I have the = instead of the milk is because of BABS, and how much I was talking about Starlight, and I got a few pictures with a guy holding up a well-made flag.
(By the way, guy that had the flag, if you're lurking, PM me if I can upload that pic. I'll make any edits you want to cover up your face and badge, if you want that.)

Luke/Bossk Main
I Support our glorious leader, Starlight Glimmer URA!

P.S. This was the best April Fools joke I've ever had, I found it very funny the "Default" Filter as "State-Approved Content".
Well done to you and the staff for coming up with this. Can't wait for next year.