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suggestive130955 artist:gr-vinyl-scratch60 dj pon-328253 vinyl scratch28255 oc617099 oc:faded skylight8 oc:masquerade63 alicorn202832 anthro236522 plantigrade anthro28431 3d66518 alicornified4911 athena58 barefoot25306 bed37408 chillaxing128 clothes419932 computer5723 feet36107 gmod7134 jak and daxter44 jak and daxter: the precursor legacy2 john wick23 katana859 lying down11200 one-piece swimsuit4028 overwatch1505 race swap13129 saxxy7 steam award2 swimsuit25947 sword10878 team fortress 25373 the pose112 video game4621 vinylcorn44 weapon28074


not provided yet


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Background Pony #DE2B
That's a big oof right there. Jack and daxter is on the ps2 so the controller vinyl should be using is the ps2 controller. Not the GameCube controller.