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Just wanted to put together this little comparison of Fluttershy’s reaction in the "Sharing Kindness" part of the intro over the seasons. She’s come a long way.

The non-Season 8 pictures were print-screen from YouTube videos.
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9 comments posted
Background Pony #581
Huh, well discord is more on the screen now. Only, he’s been put further into the background and doesn’t seemed to be paying any notice to Fluttershy. Weird, I thought for sure they’d put him at least next to her. I mean even Big Mac is with Suger Belle.
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Background Pony #FB23

managed to get to feed angel
Background Pony #B4DD
I like subtle change of Fluttershy’s character shown here. She’s no longer looks nervous as Angel consumes the apple so greedily. On the other hand, it also shows a bit of change with Angel too – he no longer devours it like a wild animal but more playful.
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